Sunday, December 13, 2009

Man made disaster?

Man made disaster? What is that exactly? I think most of us, when we hear the phrase “man made disaster,” we now think terrorism, but I think it goes far beyond that. Last night while watching the studio audience on Hannity, I was once again trying to make sense of the actions of the current administration. How can we be trying the masterminds of 911 in civilian court, as criminals, not calling it an act of war, and not calling it terrorism?

President Obama doesn’t want to link Islam to terrorism; he doesn’t even like the use of the word terrorism, but why? Is he sympathetic to Islam? Is he trying to adhere to UN resolutions? Does it have anything to do with the peace prize? I think it’s quite obvious now, with the greenhouse gas con, European Union, North American Union, IMF, INTERPOL, WHO, World Bank, IPCC, ISAF, Council on Foreign Relations, Builderburgs, and so on, that there has been a global movement for some time now, involving several US presidents. Take a look at “Agenda 21” on the UN website, unveiled in 1992. A couple of months ago there was a message at the top of the Agenda 21 page that said “Seal the Deal, Copenhagen.” Do a little research on eugenics. Look at how the global warming alarmists are blaming human existence and calling for a population reduction of a billion people by 2050. It goes on and on.

Obama had a hundred and something days in the US Senate, and presto, he’s the president. He’s the president of the US, with all the same ideas for redistribution of wealth, socialized healthcare for all, reduction of US military forces, and international agendas, as the UN has. I can’t help thinking that McCain new he was suppose to lose; it was all part of the plan, and Sara Palin’s popularity was a surprise to both parties.

OK, to my point, or should I say theory on the phrase “man made disasters.” You and I are the polluters, the world destroyers, and the UN is the world’s savior. Spiritual belief is losing its purpose; the earth is becoming the GOD. “Man made disasters” means mankind made disasters. I believe this is a Globalist’s concept; it’s mankind against the Earth. The World Trade Towers being destroyed on 9/11 had no more significance to the Globalists than say the Valdese oil spill. When you hear “man made disasters,” it’s not about what one or more men did, but what mankind as a whole did. You are as much to blame for 911 as the persons flying the planes. Hence: The apology tour.

An ant has as much right to live as you do, and reducing human population to a point where we have little or no effect on the environment, or partner species, is the goal. They can’t get there with varying human rights and freedoms, the current monetary trade system, sovereign states, or standing armies. Rich industrialized nations have to be reduced to a level of UN servitude. Then, UN resolutions can be enforced by the new, more powerful UN security forces.

Look up “human settlements.” Yes, they wish to regulate the amount of living space you can have, the number of children you can have, travel, food consumption, or anything else that is considered to have a negative impact on the Earth’s environment. There is legislation to give the Federal Government power over all waters, not just navigable waters. Why?